Prompt Stomp- Week 3

Welcome back for another week of creativity! We had another great week with our Stomp about Doors. We had a mix of poetry, stories, dreams and even some photos in the mix. Just wonderful I tell ya!

As a reminder to all who are participating and shout out to all newcomers. I have had a few inquiries as to how Prompt Stomp works and if there is a set theme or writing parameter we stick to. I want to make clear this is a FREE FOR ALL type of prompt. I give out a prompt. Either a word, phrase, picture, song etc. and you the creator can take it where ever you want. I even spout out a few ideas to get your creativity sparked. From time to time there will be a set theme, and of course you are not obligated to participate and taking a break is always welcome, so if there happens to be a theme that doesn’t fit your blog or style, than you can always opt out and join in the following week. Again, the only set rule I like to enforce is BE CREATIVE!!! I even encourage stepping outside the box and create art with painting, sculpture or whatever tickles your fancy.

So without further adieu, lets bring on this weeks prompt!

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it might be appropriate to start honing in on our inner spooks. This week, I am going to give out three words, all relevant to this haunting holiday.

Want some quick ideas to get you rollin? Here you go!

  • Tell us your spookiest ghost story
  • Tell us about your belief or non-belief in spirits
  • Tell us about an encounter you might have had with the paranormal
  • Do you have a spooky or haunting story about your family or ancestry?
  • and I can’t forget to mention the spooky or gloomy photos you might want to share

I am overly anxious to read this weeks entries, and a little spooked as well!

Here is my entry for this week : Spooky Moment

Here are the rules to the event:

  1. Start a new post containing the content you wish to share!
  2. Link back to the post through comments or link on your page!
  3. To make it easier for others to see your post, tag it with β€œPrompt Stomp”
  4. Remember to follow The MomHood to get the new prompt every Saturday!
  5. Have fun and be creative!

Last weeks prompt “DOOR” was a hit and I had a hard time picking the featured bloggers this week, as ALL were wonderful, but I did pick a few, so please go take a peeksie at these and the rest who stomped as they had a great entry and more wonderful posts on their blogs!

I hope all of you have fun with this, this week and I look forward to reading them all!

Cheers my Creatives!



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