Prompt Stomp Week 16

Hello Folks! Welcome back to Prompt Stomp.

I am here, not only to give you a new prompt, but I’m here to tell you this will be the last week of Prompt Stomp. My hope was to keep this going for a long time, but sometimes things must come to an end. The Hood will eventually hold another event/challenge but with much better planning and preparation.

Prompt Stomp has been fun and I have met some very talented people along the journey. 16 successful weeks of photos, stories, poems, life lessons and more. I’ve learned a lot about others as well as myself and after long thought and debate with myself, it is time to move forward to new things!

So on that note, our prompt will be all about endings.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • Photos of the fork in the road, dead ends or “no outlet”
  • Stories about when all good things come to end.
  • Anything with a fairy tale ending
  • Sonnets, Odes or limericks about “The End”

For our last Prompt, I want to feature ALL who have contributed to Prompt Stomp! If I have missed anyone I do apologize, you are included in this!!

  • Yelhispressing
  • In Medias Res
  • Cee’s Photography
  • Spiritual Dragonfly
  • 100 Words
  • St. P Blogging
  • EnSpiritu en Fuego
  • A Texans View of Upstate New York
  • LadyLeeManilla
  • Travel with Intent
  • Mind and Life Matters
  • CherryTales
  • My Mindful Moves
  • Kay Morris Writes
  • Self Therapy
  • Fishing for Soup
  • FireBonnet
  • Stories and Scribblings
  • Poets Corner
  • Traces of the Soul
  • One 4 Fun
  • Chasing Life and Finding Dreams
  • WillowBieth
  • Roaming Urban Gypsy
  • Aloada Bobbins

I want to thank each and every one of you for participating and it has been a privileged to read, view and host this event. I wish all fo you the very best in life, blogging and being creative!!

Have a wonderful week!



Gems and Minerals-Stomp Week 15

Earth is a magnificent, wondrous place and is literally the best secret keeper, and has been for millions of years. Friday, the fam and I got to take a trip to the Science and History Museum in our States Capitol. What a wonderful place and so much to learn. From Egyptian Mummies to The Universe, Gems to North American Native Heritage. The museum holds some of the greatest stories, entertainment and knowledge. Years of History brought back to life.

My favorite exhibit has always been the Egyptian Mummies, until I found the Gems and Minerals exhibit. What a sight. This weeks photography Prompt in Prompt Stomp is all about Rocks, Minerals, Gems and Formations inspired by the museums Gems and Minerals exhibit. I was in complete AWE that I didn’t write down the names of these minerals and didn’t capture the name tag in the photos. I guess I’ll just have to go back! Here is the gallery of my favorite shots!


Prompt Stomp Week 15

Greetings everyone and welcome to Week 15 of Prompt Stomp! I want to apologize for the confusion yesterday and not getting this post out on its designated day. BUT, here we are, another week another Stomp and I’m excited!

Friday was a great day! The hubs got off work early and surprised the kiddo and I with a trip to the museum. We pulled the kiddo out of school early, dropped the dog off at the “dog playhouse” (doggy daycare) and we drove on down to the museum. I haven’t been there since a Middle School field trip, so I was way over due for a visit. This was also the first trip for the kiddo and she came out astonished. Success!

Our little trip to the museum is our inspiration for this week’s prompts! Lets get started!

Our Featured Bloggers from Week 14 are:

Take a look at the posts, they deserve a read and peek!

Our Writing Prompt this week, we are jumping back in time to become an investigator in the days of Sherlock Holmes. Write a piece like YOU are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Write your best who-done-it scenario and don’t leave a question unanswered or un-investigated.

The museum was holding a Sherlock Holmes Exhibit. Sadly it was a Museum Members Only Exhibit so we weren’t able to see it but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from peeking in the windows and sneaking glances when the doors opened. Lets just say, for a writer it was a dream! This was the only photo I could capture of the exhibit.

Could you imagine driving one of these, today?!


Our Photography Prompt is brought to you by the wondrous place we call, Earth!

The Museum holds a Gems and Minerals exhibit, showcasing some of the neatest, rarest and most spectacular gems and minerals I have ever seen and some so odd looking, you wouldn’t guess it was real! This weeks Prompt is all about Rocks, Gems, Minerals and Geological Formations. Show me 2-4 of your best shots!

Here is one of my photos of the Gems and Minerals Exhibit, the rest will be shared in a separate post!

This Geode is actually as wide as a pillow and as deep a large trash can. HUGE!


The Rules are Very Simple:

  1. Start a new post containing the content you wish to share!
  2. Link back to the post through the comments or a link on your page!
  3. To make it easier for others to see your post, tag it with “Prompt Stomp”
  4. Remember to follow The Hood to get the new prompt every Saturday!
  5. Be sure to link to the correct week so none of us lose your entry!
  6. Have fun and be creative!!!!!!!


I hope you all have a great week and I can’t wait to read and see what all of you share!

Cheers!! XO



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