Prompt Stomp Week 7

Hello and welcome to another week of Prompt Stomp. I hope that everyone’s week was inspired, accomplished and positive.

Last weeks inspiration came from a movie, The Sixth Sense, with Free Association Writing. Putting your awesome mind to work for you and not using a word, phrase or theme already placed there for you. I was very pleased with the outcome, and each post submitted was one of a kind.

If you would still like to give this or any Stomp a go, please do. Each week is open indefinitely so there is always a little inspiration.

It’s November. Thanksgiving is coming up and this month we take time to be thankful and remember who or why we are. We gather our loved ones around the table and enjoy wholesome foods, watch the football game with the guys, and play board games with the kids. Some of us are daring and brave enough to stand in the Black Friday lines and hope for the best toys, gadgets and gifts for the family at Christmas. But some of us don’t get that luxury. Some of us don’t get Thanksgiving, some of us don’t have family or friends to gather, and some of us don’t get to stand in those lines and purchase those cool toys and gadgets. Some of us have been so down on our luck, that we need that extra hand up, a push through the door and a comforting friend. A true reason to be Thankful.

This week I want to talk about overcoming adversity.

Adversity: a difficult situation or condition : misfortune or tragedy

Most of us, if not ALL of us have been through hard times, down the rough roads and stalled in life. For the Stomp this week I want us to think about something or someone that helped you get out of your rough patch. Think about the last time someone did something nice for you. How did they help you, how did you overcome your situation. OR When was the last time YOU did something nice for someone, that helped them? Whether its giving someone a quick buck to get on the bus, a car ride to a job interview, a home cooked meal for a homeless person or devoting your time to help your community, I want to hear about it.

Want some other ideas for the challenge?

  • Share a photo of the community helping others
  • Share a memory of when you saw or witnesses someone doing a good deed for someone else or the community.
  • How does doing good deeds help humanity? ( Cleaning up litter, saving abandoned animals, fostering children etc.)

Here are the rules to the event:

  1. Start a new post containing the content you wish to share!
  2. Link back to the post through comments or link on your page!
  3. To make it easier for others to see your post, tag it with “Prompt Stomp”
  4. Remember to follow The MomHood to get the new prompt every Saturday!
  5. Have fun and be creative!!!!!!!

Here is my entry for this week: Adopting A Family

Here are our Featured Bloggers for Week 6: These lovely people deserve a second or third look! Share the love!

I hope everyone enjoys the challenge this week and I hope we all take a moment to thank the ones who have helped us and gave us a push in the right direction. With out the ones who have helped me, I wouldn’t have achieved as much as I have already in my life. I owe my deepest Thanks and Gratitude to those who have been there for me.

I hope you enjoy this weeks Challenge, and I look forward to reading all of the posts shared.

Have a great week ahead and CHEERS CREATIVES!!!!!

Prompt Stomp Week 5- Happy Halloween!

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It’s that time of year. Freaks, geeks, ghouls and ghosts. Yes, it’s Halloween. The time of year that we binge eat candy and dress in outrageous costumes.  The one time of year, we get to be someone completely different than ourselves.
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