Spooky Moment

We are turning in for the night. Everyone is snuggled up in blankets, and then the dog needs to go potty. Its nearly midnight. We are in the middle of nowhere camping. The rest of the campers around have also turned in for the night. Its quiet. The leaves are rustling from the slight breeze. Coyotes are howling far off in the distance. I am so glad the dog is with me. The moon is out, casting off enough light, but I still have the flashlight. The dog is off in the tall grasses doing his thing. I’m panning the treeline for bright eyes staring my way. I don’t see anything until I get to a single tree in a small opening. Two, bright eyes are staring at me. Not moving. At first it looks almost alien. Like lasers for eyes. The dog has no idea what I’ve just found, he’s not even paying attention to me. Shit…. I take a step closer and the eyes hide behind the tree. I quietly step closer and closer and poke the flashlight around the side of the tree. An orange and white house cat scurries away. Leaving its catch behind. A Dead Mouse.

In response to Prompt Stomp “Spooky“- 200 word story of our camping trip the past two days!


15 Replies to “Spooky Moment”

  1. I’m surprised the dog didn’t detect an alien presence they usually know if another animal is in out presence even before us human are aware. But I guess the dog knew there was a cat around didn’t pay the cat any mind

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