Petroleum Jelly…

I opened the “door” and found a blonde haired, blue eyed little girl covered from head to toe in Vaseline. The only thing comprehensible was the fact I had to clean it all up. See, it was my fault in the first place, for leaving it in her room after a diaper change. One of those “distracted by something moments” that lead to a complete disastrous mess. She hadn’t quite learned how to walk but she could scoot faster than a rabbit. Door shut. Hair slimy. Skin greasy. Child laughing. Petroleum Jelly empty. Mom shaking her head. Awkward moment when…….

Inspired by Sonya at 100 words. I wanted to try to write a story about my daughter and her incident with petroleum jelly, in exactly 100 words. Sonya is a wonderful example of achieving just that. 100 words!

Prompt Stomp Entry for “Door


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