Center of It All: After the Storm

…To continue our discussion of the rule of thirds, let’s start by breaking it. Before you can break any rule, you have to understand it enough to be able to break it successfully. One thing you can do to break the rule of thirds is to put your subject in the middle of the frame. Although, using the counterpoint doesn’t always work.  It can make for a rather boring photo.  If you are going to use the middle at all, you need a specific and small point of focus, something that will draw immediately the eye to the center of the frame which your eye will then flow through the rest of the photo….

Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge

These photos were taken during and after the nice little snow storm we had the past two days. And today the sun is shining! It’s glorious to live in Colorado!


This last photo combines another one of Cee’s Compose Challenges, Leading Lines. The line in this photo, leads you to the center.

Farming Mill /Grainery

15 Replies to “Center of It All: After the Storm”

  1. Love the pics. and the post. but i couldn’t really spot how these are deviations from Rule of Thirds. Except for the last one of the road in the centre. Was that deliberate?

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    1. This is the exception rule the “break the rules” rule. If you go back to the original post by Cee, it will explain more of how this works for the center third. 🙂 The last one was deliberate.:) I am so glad you liked the post and photos!


      1. This is the exception rule the “break the rules” rule.

        that’s what i was saying . i don’t see how they are the exceptions. except for the last one, which clearly is an exception. i found the others do adhere to the rule, more or less. but not in a very obvious way. still there are indeed amazing clicks.

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