Diagonally Right

This week in Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge, we were asked to look for the leading diagonal lines on our photos.

…..There really is not a lot to say about diagonal lines except they appear to be more dynamic.  Depending on the type of diagonal line you have, it can add tension to your image. In addition to this, diagonals can serve the same purposes as horizontal and vertical lines in that they can guide the eye, and act as frames for a specific area of the photo.  Diagonal lines can be placed in any direction in your photo…..

I decided to go with an eclectic mix of photos. I went back into the archives from almost a year ago and found some really neat photos, that have either a literal diagonal line or an object creating a diagonal line.

Take a peek!

Power lines and the suns rays create a wonderful diagonal line
Jet stream
Pea Pod
These lines lead you right to the dog


I hope you enjoyed this weeks entry into Cee’s challenge. Have a wonderful week ahead!  Cheers!


15 Replies to “Diagonally Right”

  1. Hi Megan! Your pictures of diagonal lines (and I especially love the one with the sun coming through the power lines) remind me of a conversation I recently had with our architect. She and I were discussing the visual energy created and/or used when finishes (tile for example) are placed on a diagonal. I’m sure that is something you understand since you captured it so well with your photography. 🙂 xo Whitney

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    1. Very abstract yet beautiful, seeing finishes in homes and estates that use irregular lines to make the finished result. My second passion aside from photography is home design and interiors. Would have loved to go to school for it. Maybe I still can! 😉

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