I Wasn’t Anti-Social. I Was Just Awkward.

Hi. Howdy. Greetings. Hello!

My name is Megan. I’m pushing 30 years around the sun. I have a beautiful and intelligent family. And an awesome house we call our home. I’m an artist (self proclaimed). Musician in Ivory (Some clever way of saying I play the piano). Private Chef. Amateur photographer. Chocolate aficionado.  Dog walker. Criminal (more on that later!) Gardener. Florist. Google search enthusiast. Home furniture re-arranger. Do It Yourself-er. Master of icky messes. Conqueror of all! Camping-2015

Now that you’ve seen my resume, let me actually tell you a little bit about myself. Born and raised in Colorado, practically in the mountains. So needless to say, I went camping a lot growing up (no complaints here). I went to a somewhat small and old Elementary school. In in my fourth year, the school had its 75th Anniversary.

Middle school kinda sucked. I was a social outcast. I wasn’t anti-social. I was just awkward. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and most of the girls were already “matured” by 8th grade, and here is little ol me, barely 5 feet tall and a toothpick. I had scraggly, long brown hair and I had yet learned how to pluck my eyebrows.

And then boom, fast forward to High School. I grew up a little bit, formed out a little bit and finally learned how to groom properly. My mom finally let me have a little bit more of a grown up wardrobe and that’s when the trouble started (lets just say, my mom would never live my teenage years over again).

I am now almost 30 years old, and have lived quite the interesting life, and I want to share it with you. My daughter is going into school full time, so now I can focus more on the things that I love to do (blog, blog, blog) and possibly get back into working for “the man”. So between posting about my daily musings and happenings, I will share some great ways to keep your family happy and healthy, Inspiration to get you going for the day, yummy tummy fillers, and my own Photography Galleries.

So please, sit back, take your hat and jacket off and enjoy! And I hope you do, because I sure have!

And Welcome to The Hood

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