Prompt Stomp Week 6

Hello Creatives! How are we on this lovely Saturday? Did we all make it through Halloween with out being slayed by Vampire Hunters, Witch Hunters and Ogre Hunters? I sure hope so! Continue reading “Prompt Stomp Week 6”

Growing Up

Pink Bows and Pig tails
Sandboxes and snails
Remembering the little girl I once was.

                       Without all the pressures of this tough stuff
                       High school is way too rough
                       I just want to grow up.

                                              Cleaning house and paying bills.
                                              Raising kids and popping pills.
                                              I wonder why I couldn't grow up.

Coloring books with crayons
Red, Blue and Green
Should've been there to see what I've seen
I was 5 then now I'm 7
I asked my Mommy "Is there a heaven"

                       I remember it all clearly
                       My mother on the ground
                       Going into convulsions
                       She was bleeding from the mouth
                       Syringe in hand

                                               Who would've known
                                               I would be just like her
                                               Now my childhood is all a blur
                                               But what do I need to remember anyway
                                               I Love You
                                               Words Mom should've said.

I was getting older day by day.
I wish my mom was there to stay
I was alone at this young age
Couldn't really read
nor turn the page
My mom never really cared
For the three children she beared
I was the youngest
and the only one
who knew I would grow up 
knowing I wouldn't have won

                          At seventeen
                          I started not to care
                          Everyone else had mothers
                          Mine wasn't there
                          She never hugged me
                          And never showed me love
                          My mom was a drug addict
                          She only loved drugs

                                                As I lay down for eternal rest
                                                Finding heaven
                                                My only quest

Writing 201- Poetry – Dialogue/Concrete Poem.  This is a dialogue poem of a little girl, then when she is in her teens and then a woman.


The Ballad of the Lazy Girl

Through the days of sleeping
Laying in the bed.
You cry and are a weeping
She look almost dead

Snoring and drooling all over the place
Never know its was three in the morning
Wake up with lines down her face
A light in the corner looks boring

Go back to bed and dream
Snooze all day long
Dream about peaches and cream
And sing a little song

It's been four days laying under the covers
smelling like wet feet
Crawl out of bed and get the shivers
Finally out of bed and the sun looks so sweet.

Writing 201: Poetry - Ballad
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