Wheels, Fences and Gates

I am a couple weeks behind on posting for Cee’s Challenges. So this week I am combining two of Cee’s Black and White Challenges into one.



Candid Black and White

My favorite photos to stumble upon are the ones that weren’t meant to be taken, but happen to be the pictures worth a thousand words. In Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge, we were asked to find our candid photos of people or pets. Here are a few of mine.

These first two photos are my favorite for this challenge.

My daughter is usually a million miles an hour, and for a few seconds, she slowed down enough for me to catch this candid, deep thought photo.


Walking out in the Grasslands a few weeks past, was a new environment for our pooch. So he was on high alert the whole time. In this photo, he is scoping out what I imagine is a new noise.




An Argument Between Birds

I take photos nearly everyday. I mean, quite literally, my camera is near me wherever I am, in case anything needs to be photographed. Which is lucky for me this week, because Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is sharing a new photo, or gallery.

Last summer, we built a birdhouse and like with many things, results take time. Finally I had the chance to see our work paying off in a heated argument…

I believe these two are arguing about what color the drapes will be…

Seriously MaryAnn, I don’t care bout them dang drapes.
Vern I really need yer help
I’m outta here….
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