Prompt Stomp Week 16

Hello Folks! Welcome back to Prompt Stomp.

I am here, not only to give you a new prompt, but I’m here to tell you this will be the last week of Prompt Stomp. My hope was to keep this going for a long time, but sometimes things must come to an end. The Hood will eventually hold another event/challenge but with much better planning and preparation.

Prompt Stomp has been fun and I have met some very talented people along the journey. 16 successful weeks of photos, stories, poems, life lessons and more. I’ve learned a lot about others as well as myself and after long thought and debate with myself, it is time to move forward to new things!

So on that note, our prompt will be all about endings.

Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • Photos of the fork in the road, dead ends or “no outlet”
  • Stories about when all good things come to end.
  • Anything with a fairy tale ending
  • Sonnets, Odes or limericks about “The End”

For our last Prompt, I want to feature ALL who have contributed to Prompt Stomp! If I have missed anyone I do apologize, you are included in this!!

  • Yelhispressing
  • In Medias Res
  • Cee’s Photography
  • Spiritual Dragonfly
  • 100 Words
  • St. P Blogging
  • EnSpiritu en Fuego
  • A Texans View of Upstate New York
  • LadyLeeManilla
  • Travel with Intent
  • Mind and Life Matters
  • CherryTales
  • My Mindful Moves
  • Kay Morris Writes
  • Self Therapy
  • Fishing for Soup
  • FireBonnet
  • Stories and Scribblings
  • Poets Corner
  • Traces of the Soul
  • One 4 Fun
  • Chasing Life and Finding Dreams
  • WillowBieth
  • Roaming Urban Gypsy
  • Aloada Bobbins

I want to thank each and every one of you for participating and it has been a privileged to read, view and host this event. I wish all fo you the very best in life, blogging and being creative!!

Have a wonderful week!


10 Replies to “Prompt Stomp Week 16”

  1. It’s a shame you’re ending it but I understand it’s hard work preparing and monitoring the challenges. I’ve decided to not do my monthly meet and greets now either. It was fun but people weren’t participating as much or in the way I’d hoped and I didn’t see it was benefitting other bloggers in the way I’d hoped. But never mind, we try and move on, as you say!

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    1. this is good to know. I was thinking of doing some of those meet and greet things next time I ran into one but now I am reconsidering. I only have so much time to be on here and I’d prefer to spend it on those who reciprocate.

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      1. Attending the meet and greets are still a good way to interact with new bloggers but hosting one is a different story. I think it helps if you have a larger audience to begin with, to get the word out (which I didn’t) but then people don’t always reblog or share on Twitter etc, so it defeats the purpose. Plus, some drop a link and you never see them again – it would be at least polite to check out a few other links or have a nosey around the host’s site! So maybe don’t give up on them altogether but agreed, reciprocation is important 🙂

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  2. Why do good things always come to an end. I am sad. I understand you moving on to new things Megan but I will miss Prompt Stomp not just doing posts but reading others as well. :(. SIGH


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