Gems and Minerals-Stomp Week 15

Earth is a magnificent, wondrous place and is literally the best secret keeper, and has been for millions of years. Friday, the fam and I got to take a trip to the Science and History Museum in our States Capitol. What a wonderful place and so much to learn. From Egyptian Mummies to The Universe, Gems to North American Native Heritage. The museum holds some of the greatest stories, entertainment and knowledge. Years of History brought back to life.

My favorite exhibit has always been the Egyptian Mummies, until I found the Gems and Minerals exhibit. What a sight. This weeks photography Prompt in Prompt Stomp is all about Rocks, Minerals, Gems and Formations inspired by the museums Gems and Minerals exhibit. I was in complete AWE that I didn’t write down the names of these minerals and didn’t capture the name tag in the photos. I guess I’ll just have to go back! Here is the gallery of my favorite shots!



13 Replies to “Gems and Minerals-Stomp Week 15”

    1. I cannot comment on your blog because it does not have the Name Option (only one which works for WordPress blogs). The colourful clay is so lovely, wow! Like someone took dye water and wash them permanently.


    1. I don’t know how she does it, some of the names are so hard to pronounce. Kudos to your sis! 🙂 I want to go back and take pictures of every single one. I was a ditz, and forgot my second battery and camera died halfway thru the trip… 😦

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