Laws of Gravity

My daughter is 4 years old. I can remember being that age, and loving being outside in the snow. I used to play outside for hours building forts, snowmen and having snowball fights. Not to mention the sledding. Hours and hours of sledding.

When I was growing up we lived in the foothills, plenty of hills to spare. Now, where we live, is flat. Sledding hills are hard to come by unless you travel. But we made the trip and took our daughter sledding for the first time. With a little help of gravity, she made it down the hill, one way or another.


BeFunky Collage2DSC_0782

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight (Less)



19 Replies to “Laws of Gravity”

    1. You have never experienced Snow or winter? You have to, at least once! It is a pain in the A** but it can definitely have its “AWWW” factor. I have a love/hate relationship with winter.


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