Daily Quote + Resolutions/Goals

“Resolutions are a wonderful thing if we can keep them, but many resolutions go by the wayside because we have not done anything different with our mindset.”

—Monica Johnson

For the life of me, I cannot remember ONE resolution that I have kept. I have always made the resolutions, but like in the quote above, my resolutions went by the wayside because my mindset never really changed.

This year will be different.
In 2016 I will be more:
  • Happy
  • Positive
  • Respectful
  • Adventurous
  • Spontaneous
  • Romantic

In 2016 I will acquire:

  • Better Photography skills
  • Better listening skills
  • Better parenting skills
  • Better relationship skills

In 2016 I will do:

  • More Experiencing
  • More Writing
  • More Crafts/DIY
  • More Exploring
  • More Communicating

In 2016 I will Change:

  • My anxiety patterns
  • My Attitude
  • My Procrastination
  • My mindset

In 2016 I will quit:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking so much soda
  • Complaining/Nagging
  • Watching so much Netflix
  • Looking at the negative and focus on the positive


What are your resolutions this year and how are you going to achieve them? What will you do differently to make these goals stick all year long? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Happy New Year to all! I hope you all have a joyous, happy and successful year!



7 Replies to “Daily Quote + Resolutions/Goals”

  1. We hope you can achieve everything of those things above, so good luck!
    We would like to travel more and to be more active on wordpress – thats why we are going to Copenhagen and a short trip to Sweden. But it is not always that easy, if you have to go to school πŸ˜€
    xo Lenja and Janet


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