Forces of Nature (WPC)

Nature does some really amazing things. And right now, Colorado is experiencing freezing temperatures at night and melting temperatures during the day. The snow and cold however has not knocked the spirits of this tree, which still has its green leaves.


This storage shed was piled with snow until it melted, creating these wonderfully sculpted icicles.


Nature also has the tendency to destroy things, like this old automobile. Rust has gathered on this for years with no help of the weather in Colorado.


Pigeons gather to feed, while the trucks below weigh in their grain loads.


Ice has gathered on the window. One side of the window is warm from the heat inside while the freezing temperature outside makes it difficult for the water to fully melt, creating these patterns.


In Response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge “Gathering”

8 Replies to “Forces of Nature (WPC)”

    1. Thank You. I absolutely agree with you though. Winter is by far the hardest season to photograph. There isn’t much color around, and I love the color. The upside, winter can produce some very neat sights! πŸ™‚

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