I don’t know if I am happy, mad or jealous.

Last night Northern Colorado got dumped with 6+ inches of snow. Making today a SNOW DAY for all the schools.

This makes me happy because now I don’t have to drive in the nasty snow we are STILL getting dumped with.

This makes me mad because now I have to go shovel it all off the driveway and sidewalk…every hour just to make sure that the hubs can pull back into the driveway.

This makes me jealous because I CAN’T remember ONE DAY in my childhood that I got a snow day. WTF!? (Maybe Once)

Enjoy it while you can kiddo, The Man won’t let you have snow days!

Have a wonderful Tuesday. If you got snow too, be safe and stay warm!




10 Replies to “SNOW DAY!!!”

  1. When I was a kid they only closed the schools during a really bad blizzard. New York City never shuts down the schools! So far our winter has been mild. I’m praying it stays this way as I dislike commuting in the snow. I’m clumsy!

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    1. I dislike the commute as well. If the snow doesn’t let up it will be a record for the past couple years. We have had really dry winters the past couple years, so this was quite the surprise. Even to the city plow drivers. They were not prepared. Days like today always remind me of the “when I was young, we had to walk in the snow, barefoot, 5 miles to go to school” stories.

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  2. Snow days were the best. Here in Georgia if an icicle falls to the ground it’s a snow day. People are so afraid of the cold white stuff that falls from the sky. Snow days meant hot cocoa, snow ball fights, until our hands froze off, then long days of movies and board games. The best!

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    1. Thats funny. An icicle. An icicle here means it was a warm day and snow melted! I was just explaining to my daughter today that when I was a kid I would spend hours outside, building forts, snowmen, sledding and making snow trails. She barely lasts 10 minutes before she wants back in.

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