The Magic of Two Thirds

…..Instead of putting your subject in one third of the frame, use two-thirds, leaving the rest bokeh or negative space to accent your subject….

…..It’s great to use for any still life photography….

This week in Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge, we re extending the “Thirds” Theme from using 1/3 of the frame to 2/3 of the frame.

Like Cee, I tend to use the rule of 2/3 for my flower photography. So this week I went back into the archives and found some A LOT of photos using the Magic of Two Thirds! In doing this, I also found out how much I miss the flowers and that I really want summer back. And winter has only just begun.

Some photos may push the boundaries, but I like sharing!

Enjoy the gallery!

DSC_0441DSC00175DSC00465 - CopyDSC00477DSC00835DSC00894DSC00971DSC01590DSC01652DSC01933DSC02157DSC02390DSC03625DSC03613

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