Fun Foto: Trees & Buildings

This week in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, its all about buildings and trees, and they have to be in the same photo. This was perfect, because I only had one photo, that was taken months ago. (First Photo) I don’t even remember taking this photo, so I got lucky. But I didn’t want to stop there.

I recently got a new camera as an early Christmas gift from the Hubs. A new Nikon D3300. This challenge came at perfect timing, to get out and play with the new camera. I’m still getting a good feel for it. I have never had a camera this nice, that I really used to its true potential, so I’m extremely excited to see what comes!


Apartment Building and Tree in Denver, Colorado
A Trio of trees decorating a persons yard
Church and Tree in background
Same tree and Church, different angle
Probably my favorite. The red barn actually sticks out.

22 Replies to “Fun Foto: Trees & Buildings”

  1. I do agree with Melinda, the last photo is most appealing. The mixture of focus and unfocus is perfect. You are good! Oh by the way if you did not know, you should check out WordPress Photo Announcement today :).

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      1. I am over the moon right now. I never knew I could “compete” with some of the best here on WP. I nearly cried in excitement. Thank You again for being so loyal to my blog!


      2. No you rock, your expression must have been priceless. I was so excited when I saw the photo because I remembered it, so I can only imagine how you feel, hehe.


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