Prompt Stomp Week 9- Calling ALL Photographers

Wow! 9 weeks of Prompt Stomp. Where has the time gone. We’ve made it through two Holidays. Halloween and Thanksgiving. The third big one is soon on its way. Christmas. But that is not the theme for this week.

I am calling ALL photographers. Professional or not. This week will be the first ever designated theme for Photography. BUT don’t let that stop you from writing a great story or poem.

Our theme for this week is LIGHTS! This is a pretty open theme because lights are everywhere. And more lights are getting put up for Christmas.

I want to see 3-5 photos, showing us what lights up your life. This can be the lampposts that light up your street at night, it can be the stoplight you got stuck at this morning, or even the light that helps you read at night, it can be a photo of a lamp or light fixture. A lit candle or the starry filled night sky. Anyway you depict it, I want to see it!

Not a photographer? That is okay. Tell us about anything lights. Poetry, Short Story, Fiction and Non-Fiction is all welcome and strongly encouraged! I don’t ever want to leave anyone out during The Stomp!

The rules are very simple:

  1. Start a new post containing the content you wish to share!
  2. Link back to the post through comments or link on your page!
  3. To make it easier for others to see your post, tag it with β€œPrompt Stomp”
  4. Remember to follow The MomHood to get the new prompt every Saturday!
  5. Be sure to link to the correct week so none of us lose your entry!
  6. Have fun and be creative!!!!!!!

Our featured blogger for week 8 who deserves a second look at her story and her blog!

Riddle From the Middle who wrote July’s Celebration, 6 weeks later


Usually I share the link to my entry, but for this week I decided to add right into the post itself.

I decided to go with a selection of the most beautiful lights we have here in Colorado. Sunlight and Moonlight. Sunsets are absolutely breathtaking and a camera doesn’t do it justice. The sun peaks its rays from behind the mountains and creates a postcard of an image. Same with the moonlight. When the moon hops up over the horizon, and comes out from behind the clouds, it glows with magnificence. Sometimes it feels so close you could touch it.

I’ve also added a photo of lightning. Not the easiest photo to capture unless you have some decent equipment, which I don’t. I stood out in the pouring rain with my camera set to capture every second. I got very lucky to get a couple decent photos of the storm. It is a tricky task.

Sunset over cornfield
Sun peeking thru the mountains
Moon rising
Moon rising
Peek a Boo
Purple Lightning

I hope you all enjoyed the gallery and I hope you all have a great week ahead. I am overly excited to see some great images this week as well as reading some wonderful stories.

Enjoy Stomping!



43 Replies to “Prompt Stomp Week 9- Calling ALL Photographers”

      1. Hi! This is Ro from
        I wanted to let you know that I truly enjoy your creative energy and spirit. If I were not dealing with mitochondrial encephalomyopathy as such a dominating thing my life I’d probably be following your blog and accepting every fun challenge/prompt stomp. My unfollowing of blogs except the, currently, relatively inactive Blogs and (the latter, I think you’d like; and, the former as one you might esp like if you or a loved one has been through Trauma, military or other–Though geared toward veterans, I have suggested it to numerous others who are not military veterans but have gone through some of life’s “wringers”)…
        Hmm… Now, I just saw x2 something pop up with a check mark in front of the word, “following.” Maybe I didn’t unfollow your Site afterall. I know I have unfollowed some people’s blogs recently& today heard on the radio tht ths can be considered a personal afront. Yikes.

        The truth is that I was in a nursing”home” for 11+yrs and am now out seeking to find my way into as through the 21st century! Things are pretty different! I’m still young, yet working very hard to rediscover health, with an aim at living more healthfully than I ever have before. For, as healthy and extraordinarily strong, able, and brilliant as I was, prior to facing a catastrophic illness, I had been living behind some very thick and heavy walls of secrecy re what went on in the household of my parents; then more traumas, more secrets re & via the military.
        Now, those ‘walls’ are coming down. I’m living in a world that still feels foreign to me. I would never betray my Country; however, it’s taken me a very long time to realize that sharing my feelings about what I endured via my experience in the military never will, would or could in any way endanger National Security! Heavens! My own Government denies the fact that I and MANY others served at all, some for literally decades, whereas I served for only 2yrs (2 amazing, invigorating, terrifying, brutal, pride evoking, and disillusioning yrs)! So, how cld anything I’d say be seen as a threat: “It never happened”! Life goes on. My feelings remain real with regard to my experiences; so, with those coming up now, too, life can be very challenging. In fact, this is So true, that I’ve begun to have home health aides back In my apt to hlp me with the most basic personal care needs.

        I fired my aides about 9 months after my March 2013 exit frm the nursing hell. After too many months of going w/o showering, bathing, and barely eating I have had to concede to my need for help: Not easy when you grow up “hyper-independent!”

        This probably isn’t appropriate for your public comment box, but I’ve honestly no other idea how to contact you. So, if I do “unfollow” your blog, please know that it is only because I haven’t the energy to field emailed posts…

        Wishing you the very best in all respects! Ro


  1. Damn! How I wish I hadn’t taken off those Diwali lights! I have just one photo that i’d taken of the diyas, i’ll share that. πŸ™‚


    1. I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply back to you about this. I found 5 of your comments/links in my spam folder (which I need to check more often obviously) So I am very sorry I did not see any of these sooner.


  2. Awesome photos! I guess Ohio bats in the same league as does Colorado when it comes to sunrise and sunset ops. Gotta tell you about the lights I saw last night. It was Conneaut’s annual nighttime Christmas parade. This year all kinds of lights were seen through a misty rain. There were
    were blinking/winking white lights, glowing colored Christmas tree lights and glaring headlights of cars, trucks and even a school bus as floats floated down Main Street. What better way to see happy, smiling faces than in the glow of Christmas lights!


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