Fun Foto: Kids and Toys

This week in the Fun Foto Challenge, hosted by Cee’s Photography, we were asked to take or find photos of kids or pets playing with their toys. I knew I would have a lot of fun with this one since I have a very playful pet and a daughter who enjoys her toys.

I decided to play around with the editor a bit, as you’ll see with the tennis ball photo below. I try not to use a bunch of editing with my photos, as I want them to be as natural and authentic as possible. I do however edit to make the image brighter, or make an image B&W or Sepia Toned.

This was the first time I’ve messed around with the editor to this effect, and it was fun. I do however plan to continue being as authentic in my photos as possible. From time to time, you might see me mess around again!

I hope you enjoy this weeks entry!



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