A Fun Foto of An Oddball Thing

I decided to combine two of my favorite challenges into one. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green and Orange and Cee’s Oddball Challenge. AND I haven’t written for The Hood in awhile because I have been paying attention to my new endeavor Diary of A 30 Something, which has been in connection with Writing 101 and NaNoWriMo. 6000+ words dedicated to 30 Something and The Hood has been a little left out.

I live an odd and fun life. Because of two reasons. My daughter being the number one goofball in my life, and me being a total kid at heart. So that being said, I love to play along with her stories and games.

We live in a neighborhood that is small and doesn’t have a lot of kids her age. So at home, she relies on her imagination and curiosity for fun and enjoyment. I encourage it and like to get in on the action. Her best friends at home are her animal plush toys. She has a lot, but she also has her “favorites”. And they go on so many different adventures together.

This morning before school, she had some time to play before we had to leave. So she re-enacted her morning routine, with her BFF Tucker the Tiger.

First he had to go potty and wash his hands. Eat breakfast, get dressed. The whole nine yards. Than it was time for school. My daughter and I grabbed the backpack, lunch bag and headed off. On the way to school my daughter graced me with one of her lovely stories. The main character was the Tiger and the story was about him not going to school, because he was so hungry he couldn’t go. So he wanted to wait until someone could feed him. I went along with the story and even asked what types of foods he liked and that I would do my best to get it to him so he can get back to school because it is very important (Mom Lesson Success). I look in the rear view mirror to find my daughter with this grin on her face that said “you might be doing that sooner than you think”.

I dropped her off at school, came back home, sat down to read emails (which I am usually a day or two behind on) and both Fun Foto and Oddball were waiting for me. I already had a few photos in mind for both Challenges but I waited to start the posts until I had gotten a few things done around the house.

While putting the last of the dishes away and wiping the counters and table down, I noticed a little someone hiding in my daughters chair. Waiting to be fed.


My daughters story was true. Her Tiger could not go to school because he was waiting to be fed. Now it seems I need to find some Mac N Cheese, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets and Chinese food for the tiger.


13 Replies to “A Fun Foto of An Oddball Thing”

      1. It is beautiful, it will help her at school in the English/Writing and even Science department. A creative imagination is so important especially in the young one because it helps them discover and create. You should perhaps record some stories for her, so she can look back when she grows older.


  1. This is a wonderful post. One of my children absolutely loved stuffed animals and had quite the imagination too. I still remember some of her little stories, even though she has lived almost a half century. 🙂

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