Cee’s Compose Yourself (CCY): Leading Lines

This week in Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge, we were asked to look for the leading lines in our photos. But, not all lines are leading lines.  Look for the lines in your photo that pull, or lead your eye along. Most leading lines are fairly straight.  They can be placed in any direction in your photo.  For this exercise, I just want your eye to be trained to see and define leading lines.  

This is my attempt…

Extra credit for
Gold Star Award

Show at least two photos of lines that have a slight curve or “S” curves.  This a different kind of leading line than the straight one, but it still takes your eye through your photo.

For this I chose a man made road and a dirt road.

15 Replies to “Cee’s Compose Yourself (CCY): Leading Lines”

  1. I really liked the fence and the dirt road. With the track, you might try getting down on the ground (or at least close) and aiming the camera straight out/tipping it up a little to give more depth.

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    1. Hey, thanks for the tip. You’re probably right. Getting down closer to the ground would have made for a better photo. I might go back and redo it now. Thanks a bunch for the kind comments and feedback! 🙂

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