October 21, 2015

Today in history, we went to the future! Yes that’s right, in 1988, we went to 2015. Well in the movie Back to the Future Part II we did! So, have you busted out the DVD (or VHS) to see if the “future” came to life after the movie? I sure did and I wrote it all down to see how much came true. So sit back, put your seat belts on, and lets go back in time, to the future!

Technology has an ever changing face. Computers, TV, telephones, and cameras. Most of us have witness it first hand from room sized computers, to hand held Tablets and Smartphones, briefcase cellphones to pocket sized MP3 players. Technology has changed drastically, alongside mankind. In the movie, in 2015, the technology is huge. Lets go through the list of what the Writers predicted would happen in 2015 (if I missed anything, please let me know in the comments)

  • Hover cars and Skateboards (more like flying cars)
  • Drones that walk dogs
  • Home Fusion Reactor (composting machine on the Delorean)
  • Food Re-Hydrater (remember the pizza?)
  • Fingerprint Scanning (No doorknobs?!)
  • Pocket Digital Cameras
  • Video Chatting
  • Power shoe laces
  • Automatic fit Jackets (and it dries off automatically too?)
  • Barcoded License Plates
  • The Sleep Inducer (when Doc makes Jennifer fall asleep and than strangely places her passed out in the middle of an alley)
  • Robotic Gas Stations
  • Holographic Jumbotrons
  • Robot Photographers
  • Voice activated lights
  • TV window screens (displaying a beautiful stairway to a fountain)
  • Floating back brace (while all the blood rushes to your brain….)
  • Video glasses and Phone (watch TV in your glasses and talk on the phone)
  • Fruit Basket that comes down from the ceiling

While some of this sounds familiar, and some outrageous (really, drones walking dogs?) there is some truth to some of the predictions. Fingerprint scanning has been around for awhile now as well as the pocket sized camera. Skype, founded in 2003, didn’t hit the market big until 2011, but video chat is very popular. Holographic Billboards or Jumbo trons might be cool, but not real. Yet. We are still waiting on the hover boards and flying cars, but I have a feeling prototypes are in the making already.

The technology was big, the hair was big and so were the fashions, though most never hit mainstream and wasn’t on the Paris Catwalks, it still made quite the statement. Lets re-cap the fashion predictions.

  • Double Neckties
  • Inside out jeans
  • Silver sun-visors
  • Wearable Boombox Vest (like the phones attached to our hands now aren’t enough, lets add loud music)
  • Plastic, Jetson looking hats
  • Metallic robe style coats
  • Plaid, stripes and geometric shape covered shirts and pants

(click on picture for full size)

Some of the fashions were already in style in the 80’s, when the film was made. Bright neon colors, fishnets, crimped hair, gold chains and high top sneakers. The film just glorified it for the future. But still, a very short lived style of fashion in the 80’s that has slowly made its way back now to 2015.

The other things predicted for 2015 (some were placed on the front page in the newspaper) :News_BacktotheFuture

  • Princess Diana was Queen
  • There is a female President
  • The Cubs win
  • Cholesterol cures Cancer
  • A person runs a 3 minute mile (Guinness World record stands at 3.43.13 in 1999, Hichman El Guerrou)
  • Lawyers are abolished

So its 2015, less than half of these predictions have come true (unless I’m wrong). There could be a female President, there could be flying cars and there could be time travel. But not this year.

Back to the Future Part II made us look forward to the future. And even though some of it might not be true to the predictions, it still holds hope for, well, the future!

Some predictions were courtesy of Screen Crush. For better stories on predictions and gadgets visit this website.


One Reply to “October 21, 2015”

  1. Loved this! (I’ve been in retro-geek mode all day!) So interesting analysing it in this way – and quite spooky that some of the predictions (or similar ideas) have come true. The fashions can take a hike though!

    Liked by 1 person

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