Growing Up

Pink Bows and Pig tails
Sandboxes and snails
Remembering the little girl I once was.

                       Without all the pressures of this tough stuff
                       High school is way too rough
                       I just want to grow up.

                                              Cleaning house and paying bills.
                                              Raising kids and popping pills.
                                              I wonder why I couldn't grow up.

Coloring books with crayons
Red, Blue and Green
Should've been there to see what I've seen
I was 5 then now I'm 7
I asked my Mommy "Is there a heaven"

                       I remember it all clearly
                       My mother on the ground
                       Going into convulsions
                       She was bleeding from the mouth
                       Syringe in hand

                                               Who would've known
                                               I would be just like her
                                               Now my childhood is all a blur
                                               But what do I need to remember anyway
                                               I Love You
                                               Words Mom should've said.

I was getting older day by day.
I wish my mom was there to stay
I was alone at this young age
Couldn't really read
nor turn the page
My mom never really cared
For the three children she beared
I was the youngest
and the only one
who knew I would grow up 
knowing I wouldn't have won

                          At seventeen
                          I started not to care
                          Everyone else had mothers
                          Mine wasn't there
                          She never hugged me
                          And never showed me love
                          My mom was a drug addict
                          She only loved drugs

                                                As I lay down for eternal rest
                                                Finding heaven
                                                My only quest

Writing 201- Poetry – Dialogue/Concrete Poem.  This is a dialogue poem of a little girl, then when she is in her teens and then a woman.


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      1. 🙂 By the way I will be bringing you a door post but could be very slightly late with it as I’ve been distracted – shame my puter doesn’t have a letterbox attached I could have just posted it – I’ll make it my first thing to do tomorrow 🙂

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