Gathers snow clouds up above,

Sending crystals with her love.

winter magic she will share,

Beauty that’s beyond compare.

Wings that flutter in the sky,

Creating beauty from on high.

Upon the earth the softest glow,

Winters fairy love will flow.

Trees all dressed with pretty gown,

Upon the earth her special crown.

Dazzled by her special light,

Every heart on earth ignite.

Feel the winds of cold and snow,

this her seasons favorite show.

Diamonds dazzle from the sky,

Gently on the earth now lie.

Creating beauty of delight,

Especially on a moonlit night.

See her wings go swiftly by,

Winters gift of season sigh.

Writing 201: Poetry – Poem on “Cold”


13 Replies to “Cold”

  1. The imagery is so pretty that I want to dance along with that magical description. I also like your use of metaphors, my favourite one describing the trees with gowns. So lovely, a winter wonderland that I always imagine, not the harsh storms that I have heard.

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