Mall of Anxiety

Have you ever entered an establishment or venue and felt so out of place, you just wanted to turn around and walk out? I had that experience yesterday, walking into a ritzy high priced mall. Glass chandeliers hung from the ceiling and the ads you see on the walls, I swear were adorned with diamonds and gold. Not to mention the valet service out front. I seriously felt like I should’ve had a membership to be there and a zero limit credit card. I was quite uncomfortable and I felt so beneath every body walking around.

Let me bring you to my reality for a second. I am a very low maintenance kind of girl. I would rather buy 7 pairs of jeans for $150 dollars at Ross or Kohls rather than one pair of jeans from the Buckle or Nieman Marcus at the same price. I even shop the clothes section at Wal-Mart. Yes that’s me. But let me tell you this, if its comfortable, if it fits and if it fits the size of my wallet, I’ll buy it. If I feel like I’m shattering crystals by sitting down on my ass, than forget it. Same goes with rest of my style. I keep a simple haircut. I wear simple, practical shoes, and my ass looks just as good in Faded Glory Jeans from Wal-mart as they would wearing Swarovski Crystal studded jeans from Prada.

I could go on and on about how simple and plain I am, but that would end up boring you. So lets go back to the glitz and glam of this fancy Mall I went to.

My daughter and I played hooky. I called her school and said she wouldn’t be there and we took off on a 2 hour journey South of where we live. My hubby had a job to do as well, so he suggested we all just take a day and spoil ourselves. I totally thought this was going to be a great experience for the kiddo and I, going to a Mall we had never been to. Window shop and snack on junk food and drink some soda. I was so wrong.

My hubby dropped us off at the front door and we walked in. The place was covered in white porcelain tile and the first shop you see is Tiffany and Co. Umm…sparkle and dazzle galore. We walked up to where we could see some of the stuff and not in my wildest dreams would I or could I ever wear those things or ever afford something like that. Across the way is a Louis Vuitton Shop and next to it is Coach. Honestly, my purse holds the same junk just fine.

I felt even more uncomfortable when I started noticing the glances I was getting from the women with Botox lips and gold tipped stilettos. I felt just like Julia Roberts in that scene in Pretty Woman. “I may be the richest woman you’re looking at Broad, don’t turn your nose up at me.” Yes the anxiety monster is coming out at this point. But, all I have to do is look down and see my daughter, looking at all of the bright and shiny things and gasping in amazement. At least she is having a good time.

We ended up finding a toy/games store. Reasonably priced and finally made a purchase of 20 colors of Play-doh and a Play-doh molding toy and got a stuffed bear for free. Score! The kiddo was pleased and a win for Mom. We ended up walking around the whole place like 5 times, both levels, waiting for the hubby to come back and get us. The escalators raised a lot of excitement in the kiddo and gave my feet a moment to rest, sort of and we finally found a junk food haven and got a super salty and cheesy pretzel.

Probably the most I felt comfortable was in the restrooms. A place where everybody does the same business. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if some of these women had gold flaked turds and champagne pee. (Again, my anxiety has the best of me.) Walking into the restroom I half expected one of those ladies that spritz you with perfumes and wipe your butt for you, but there wasn’t. Just a normal, plain restroom. Thank Goodness, because I can wipe my own ass just fine!

Is it weird that I felt more comfortable in the bathrooms than in the rest of the Mall?

It was an experience, I personally wouldn’t want to do again. Even if I had the money to go all out. But I like the way I am, I like that I save money instead of spend it. I like that my daughter had a great time despite how cranky I might have been because of my uncomfortable state of mind. I’m still glad we took the day to play hooky and get out of the house. I’m super glad, that I learned or rather revisited another valuable lesson.

Money does not buy happiness!

*Images are NOT mine. Courtesy of Google and Mall tourists. All rights reserved to them.


13 Replies to “Mall of Anxiety”

  1. I’ve felt like that in some restaurants I’ve been in. My father in-law likes to splash out once a year for his wife’s birthday and we get asked along too… But I’m so scared I drop a fork or some food will go flying across the room because I’ve messed up cutting it! And I ALWAYS mentally revert to Pretty Woman to remind me which cutlery to use with which course… They must think I’m such a peasant!!

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      1. For me it is the striking disparity between the “luxury” mentality and the reality of living in the real world. I was reading an article about hand bags for women and the author said Michael Kors was referred to as an “aspirational brand”. I thought, “Really?” That’s how they are marketing these over priced items. Marketers are appealing to people with the false idea that they will “have made it” once they purchase their product. You want to have your mind blown about the fashion industry watch the documentary True Cost. Seriously. I saw it earlier this week and it has changed the trajectory of my spending life. Thanks for reading this and thanks for your post!

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      2. OOOHHH. I love me a good documentary. Thanks for the share!
        As for high priced items, I feel guilty if I purchase something I know is out of my price range. And that may be the mother in me because I would rather have spent that money on something practical or useful. I do enjoy a good spoil every now and then (who doesn’t) but it doesn’t need to be in the form of protecting my image or being someone I am not altogether.
        I am so glad you took the time to read my short little experience and put in your thoughts and feelings on it. Its comforting to know someone feels similar in the same types of situations. 🙂

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    1. Thank You Marilyn. You know, I try not to let petty things like that bother and me and usually I succeed. But that day was just different. I now know I was just feeling silly. 🙂


  2. Until your note at the end, I was wondering what looks you got taking the photos, hehe but your disclaimer cleared it up. The icecream on the cake for these luxury malls are most not the customers but the workers as poor as me, who try people who want to treat themselves like they have some third incurable plague. (p.s. I live in a third world country, so am in no way insulting them).

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