Happiness is Here

There has been a place for everyone to find happiness. A place where there is no stress of work, or busy body people scurrying about. There is a place where quiet resonates and life runs wild. There is a place that people call solitude and peace, even sanctuary. There is a place, where man can be free, live off the land and thrive. There is a place where social media doesn’t follow you. A place where the internet can’t trace you. A place where movies, TV and News can’t distract you. A place where artists and poets gather inspiration. A place where families collect to bond. A place where people can get lost, in reality and in dreams. A place where make believe becomes almost real. A place where man has walked, but kept untouched. There is a place where history has been left as history and a place where new history can be made.

This place is the mountains, the wilderness. The wide open spaces, where man can fly.

*Click to view full image.
*Click to view full image.

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: “Happy Place.”

Writing 201: Poetry- Ode to the WIlderness


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