The Wall is Thick as A Brick

Music is and will always be a BIG part of my life. With having played the piano for 13 years and 5 years in a choir, its in my blood. My parents came from the free love generation with the music that rocked the nation. My brother and I growing up in the pop and electronic era and the ever changing face of music. The past 30 years, has been a plethora of different types, styles and genres of music.

My Dad, was hard into Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd. “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” raged in the speakers, engulfing the house in acidic melodies and “Aqualung” brought out the best in air guitars and flute solos. Creedence, The Eagles and Cream were some of the more mellow choices of my Father. My Mother was more of the Janis Joplin and Fleetwood Mac type. Listening to it loud enough to just hear it in the other room. Her loud music days were in the past and every now and then we caught her rocking out or singing at the top of her lungs.

My brother introduced me to Alternative Rock like GreenDay, Smashing Pumpkins and Zebrahead. It wasn’t soon after that I was out at parties listening to it, drinking and having the time of my life. Music fueled a lot of raging parties and the CD book was full for the late night cruises down College Ave.

The 13 years of piano showed me more of the classical and romantic styles of music. John Tesh was my piano idol, and I loved playing the ragtime, which always made my Grandpa happy. I even composed my own lullaby, for when I someday had kids. I wish now, I would have written it all down. I wasn’t into piano as much in the early days because it was more of my Moms idea, than It grew on me and soon I wanted to do it for a living. That idea has now long passed. I didn’t get into the music from the 80’s until later on in my twenties, and I couldn’t tell you how I came to love it so much but I do. And not just the 80s, but I love the swing music and Big Band of the 30’s and 40’s. I fell in love with The Beatles and music from the 60’s when I met some “new age” hippies, and when my hubby and I met, we both fell in love with the ever so lovely Peggy Lee. “Why Don’t You Do Right” was our song for the longest time.

I guess you can say I love all types of music. It doesn’t matter the year it came out or who is singing it. If it speaks to me, I listen to it. Some songs, over and over and over!

—The Daily Post’s “Papa Loves Mambo.”


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