One More Week….and THEN….

Prompt Stomp Begins!

A week from today, officially, Prompt Stomp will begin.


What is Prompt Stomp you ask?

Prompt Stomp is a weekly event, held every Saturday. A new Prompt will be shared via The MomHood and of course, you respond in the way you want to.

What kind of Prompts will you see?

The Hood will highlight different prompts for writing, photography, poetry, art and drawing and more! From one word prompts to entire phrases or quotes, picture prompts, themed prompts from movies and television to music and theater. The possibilities are endless for publishing a GREAT post and you have an entire week to produce whatever it is you want to share!

Another great feature you will see is the opportunity to see your very own Prompts pop up. Maybe one of the prompts used will be yours and trust me, you will get the recognition for sharing your creative thoughts! And of course, sharing links to your posts is always welcome, because well, we share the love around this Neighborhood!

Follow The MomHood to receive the prompts directly to your inbox, and come join all of us Saturdays!

I look forward to seeing all of you come visit The Hood, and seeing some really great stuff!

As always,




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