Floral Friday Fotos

A new photo challenge? And focusing on flowers?! IN LOVE!

As most of you know the majority of my photos are flowers. I love them. And not only to photograph, but to grow. To watch them start from nothing but a tiny seed into something magnificent. It’s awe inspiring.

I had some free moments yesterday to get into the flower garden and catch the bees collecting pollen. I found this little guys and some friends buzzing around in the Pansies.

In response to Floral Friday Fotos


10 Replies to “Floral Friday Fotos”

    1. The first 3 are Pansies. The two bright orange are Sunflowers and the last is your simple Rose.
      Thanks for stopping by and looking and for the wonderful and sweet comment. It means the world!
      🙂 Cheers my friend!

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