80’s One Hit Wonder

I was born in 1985. Great things happened in 85. So I did a littleYouTube digging and found a gem of a video! Enjoy!

I LOVE 80’s Music. I keep an 80’s playlist on my computer, in my phone and tablet and keep a CD in the car. I may not have a many memories of that time, but shoot, I can say I appreciate it now. We Built This City on Rock and Roll, we jammed it, we slammed it, we snorted it. You name it, the 80’s did it!

Lets go down memory lane for a minute. You can view more here and here

  • It was the Madonna nation. “Like a Virgin” and “Crazy for You” were number one hits.
  • Nintendo Gaming System was announced.
  • Coka-Cola changed their formula. The new and improved formula.( Less than 6 months later they returned to the original formula )
  • Murder She Wrote, Cheers, Family Ties, 60 Minutes and The Cosby Show were the top 5 TV shows.
  • Spies Like Us, Rocky IV, Back to the Future were box office hits
  • The gas price was $1.09, A movie ticket was $2.75, postal stamp was .22¢
  • The Eastern half of North America is hit with an exceptionally cold winter, one of the worst in recorded history.
  • Volcanic Eruption in Columbia kills 25,000
  • Route 66 is removed from the United States Highway System.
  • A joint American-French expedition locates the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

The drug war was sending the US into a panic. At the beginning of 1985, crack, a potent crystalline form of cocaine, was practically an unknown—and unused—drug in the United States. By late 1985, the drug was beginning to be used extensively in urban areas, and the press accorded prominent coverage to it. Healthcare providers were stunned on the high numbers of “crack-babies”. Pablo Escobars reign was still threatening the US adding to the drug panic. Finally ending with his death in 1993.

    • U.S. President Ronald Reagan is sworn in for a second term in office.
    • The Food and Drug Administration approves a blood test for AIDS, used since then to screen all blood donations in the United States.
    • Microsoft Corporation releases the first version of Windows, Windows 1.0.

As you can see a lot of things happened in 1985. None I remember personally, but I enjoyed delving back into history. And in doing so, I delved into the photo albums and snagged a couple goodies!

I hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane. Lets do it again soon!

Cheers from The Hood

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Number One.” Thanks Steve for such a great Prompt. I HAD WAY TOO MUCH FUN!

9 Replies to “80’s One Hit Wonder”

  1. This was the year I started working, so I remember a lot of the events you mentioned. The new Coke one was funny. They spent a while telling everybody their taste buds were wrong, and then must have found the formula for old coke in the back of a drawer or something because suddenly it was back.

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      1. It was a pretty interesting decade in a lot of ways.

        Hey, I’ve just realized, that means I’m a historical artifact! Wow! Maybe I’m worth something… I’m off now to contact the Smithsonian.

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  2. A year before me. I was born in 1986. And I don’t know much about the important events that happened in ’86 but I do know that Legend of Zelda came out November 20th and I was born the very next day (I say I was born just because I wanted to play that game and there isn’t a soul yet who can prove otherwise). Lol

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    1. When my brother and I finally got one, we burnt through two copies of Legend of Zelda. We played it night and day. I miss the old school Nintendo. Great things happened in 86 too. Just YouTube best of 86 and you’ll see! 🙂

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