Today Was a GREAT Day

ANY day spent with my daughter is a great day. Here are some candid shots of her on our camping trip the beginning of August.

Children need the freedom and time to play.

Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.

~Kay Redfield Jamison

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

29 Replies to “Today Was a GREAT Day”

  1. i as searching through your blog checking out inspiring post and while this was inspiring I couldn’t believe the little advertising of m shop on the right of the home page. You are so sweet Thank you SO SO much!

    (I followed..i was trying to find away to follow without email notifications, but could not find that option.)

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      1. Oh and hey, thanks for looking around. My site is sort of coming together. I’m not sure if my theme still shouts “me” or not and trying to come up with clever “hood” type names for my menu selections, but hey, its all fun still.

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      2. It is challenging figuring the right theme for sure! Finally just got new border and colors love it! You will find what you like and your content is great! At the end of the day the writing means more to me 🙂

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  2. Hi,
    I know Thumbup!
    Thanks for visiting my site. I am glad you liked my post How to Quickly Get 3,000 new blog followers.
    As far as your post. I have 3 daughters, all grown. Enjoy this time. It goes too fast.

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  3. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! We’re grandparents, seeing a little girl through older but newer-in-many-ways eyes. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. We truly enjoy the places we see with little ones!


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