I Pledge Allegiance

I recently asked my daughter if she knew what country she lived in. And she replies.

For a four-year old, this is a pretty damn good answer. She surprises me everyday and which I knew her answer would be a good one, she still wasn’t sure what I meant. So I did my best to explain what a country is…to a four-year old (at the time, I’m getting wandering eyeballs and half ass replies, typical). I’m giving it all I got. I explain that a country is a place that has its own government. It is a place where a man or woman or group of people,”runs” the place people call home. Honestly, how do you get a four-year old to understand that? And she comes back to me with this

“Mom, I know what you are saying. We live where a Queen tells us what to do. I know, because I’m the princess.” Another good reply to my attempt at teaching her what a country is and at the time I’m doing my best to keep my composure, while thinking she meant OUR President was a Queen.

While I still have half of her attention I ask her if she knows what type of country we live in? She says no. And I go about my way of telling her that we live in a “free” country. Where there is a group of people who come up with the rules and another person says whether we follow those rules or not. And its a place where we get to “pick” who makes the rules. A place where the people have a voice as well.

“It’s not free. We have to pay for everything?!”

Yet again, another good answer, and this time, very truthful.

I like to think my family is patriotic. We celebrate our Independence Day. We vote. We watch the news about whats happening in the Government and in our house we believe in our Rights and the Constitution. Although we believe in these Rights wholeheartedly, we are also…fed up. As much as we like to keep up with current times, it also disappoints us. Its sad. As citizens, in my opinion, we are paying for our freedom. Our Rights. But for now, I’ll save you from my political rant. As a parent it makes me wonder what the world and our Government will be like when she is older. So in precaution to the unknown, we teach our daughter. We try to keep her informed of the world she lives in so that someday, she will be prepared and have the voice and courage to stand up for herself and her country.

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society, but the people themselves.”           Thomas Jefferson 1820flag

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Pledge Allegiance.”

13 Replies to “I Pledge Allegiance”

    1. That is the truth. I don’t want her to know only our country, but all countries. Independent or not. She will be one voice, among millions, that determines our future. Thank You for reading this! 🙂


      1. I am so happy to hear that. Congrats! You’ll get there! Jut believe in yourself! Watch for my Daily Inspirations, they might help you give that extra push in the morning. Mon-Fri around 9am (Mountain time, US) Have a great day lovely!

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    1. 131 is not a hard number to accomplish now. You are on the home stretch! I am so glad you are getting the traffic you want to your site and store. I know it can’t just be me, but I am so honored to be able to help! Keep it up sista!
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