Art in Every Corner

Old Toy Truck

For a photographer, a photo goes beyond the lens. It goes beyond the subject. It bears the soul of the person behind the camera. A photo captures a moment, stuck in time. To be remembered. To be shared. A glimpse through the eyes of another being. There is art in every corner. Every turn you take, every journey traveled. It is in every face you see, young and old. It is in the deepest darkest caves and the brightest treetops. Art is in every corner.

I grabbed my camera today, and walked around my house taking photos of random objects. Capturing toys, bells and miniatures hiding throughout. I gave my camera a break from the usual trip to the flower garden and expanded my territory. I was having fun. Getting down low to the ground and even standing on the tips of my toes. Pointing the camera in multiple directions and angles. Zooming in and zooming out.


My history in photography started in High School, when I signed up for the photography class. As soon as I had that camera in my hand, all I wanted to do was take it everywhere and shoot everything. My teacher on the other hand, didn’t like it at all. I didn’t follow the assignments, so at the end of the semester, I ended up failing. Ending my career as a photographer. I moved on. I didn’t get back into photography until I had received a digital camera as a gift. I took pictures of family and friends, parties and get togethers. Nothing extravagant. It wasn’t until a photo I had shared online had gotten the attention of another photographer, that my curiosity sparked about taking it a little more seriously.

I’ve never taken anymore classes on it. And all I use is my digital camera and online software to clean them up (sometimes edit in some effects too) so by no means am I a professional. But my love for finding art through photos has gotten deeper.

ENJOY and CHEERS from The MomHood!

Candle Holder
Porcelain Egg
Elephant Statue
Moose Jar

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