What If I Started a Blog?

What if I started a blog?
I asked myself that question over and over. So, curious me, got online and typed the words. ‘start your own blog’ and of course hundreds of links and webpages showed up on my screen. Overwhelmed,  closed my browser and went on with my day.

For a long time, I bounced that question in my head. Periodically jumping back online, writing down a few more notes each time, but I still couldn’t bring myself to create a blog. What the hell would I write and share with the world. There are thousands of successful bloggers, that already write what I would write. Some, seem to take the words right out of my mouth (ever feel that way?).
So again, the idea got shuffled to the back of the brain bank and for a few years, there it sat, collecting dust and cobwebs.
In those years, I became a different pers
on, some for the good and some for the bad. And that is when I had the epiphany that ‘Something Needs to Change’. My relationship was falling apart as well as my self esteem and confidence. I was slowly losing the person I thought I was. The onl
y positive part of my life at the time was my daughter. My life was a topsy-turvy ride of ups and downs and with out a major change, my life was going to split right down the middle.
Again, that question arose in my mind and that’s when I realized, this was that major change I needed. I got back online for the last time. I found WordPress and started filling out the blanks to creating a blog. But I got st
uck, I had no idea what to name it or what content would fill it. So I took a break. After much deliberation and a few caffeinated beverages, I came closer to the answers I w
as looking for.
I’m a Mom. I want to create a place where people can feel at home. And where do you typically find homes? In neighborhoods. A pretty cheesy way of brainstorming a name, but it’s how The MomHood was b
A little jolt of excitement rang through my body until that pop-up lit up my screen. “You are ready to publish your first post”. I instantly froze. Excitement lost.What the hell am I doing. What do I even write. And once again, I closed my browser and walked away.
More life happened. More ups and dow
ns. More memories and more adventures. But I was still in this slump. It felt like I was stuck in a tar pit, frantically trying to pull myself out. But there was still light at the end of the tunnel. The MomHood.
I got over my fears. Pulled myself out and together and took the bull by the horns. I plastered myself in front of the computer, put my creative gloves on and out popped a blog site.
Having so many passions as I do, I found it hard to hone in on what my blog calling was. Its been nearly 15 years since taking any creative writing courses or written anything significant, so I took the time
to do some research. I found a few sites to help keep the creative juices flowing and until I find my true Blogging Niche, I’ve decided to share my life with you as a mother, a spouse and everything I’ve experienced and learned in between.

9 Replies to “What If I Started a Blog?”

  1. First off, The MomHood is a great title! Secondly I shared many of your fears about how my voice would be unique. What do I have to offer. The answer is that everyone has something to offer. If there are similar blogs to yours, there will always be ONE thing that will set your blog apart from them, and that is you. We all have ideas and thoughts, and everyone’s thoughts are valid so don’t sell yourself short. And congratulations. So many people want to do something like blogging yet never do. Good job on taking the plunge along with the rest of us! Now-promote, promote, promote!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know how it feels to get that notification about a follow. I don’t quite have my following yet either, but when I get a like and a follow, I get chills and excitement! It means the world to me that you and others click my site!
      Have a great weekend!


      1. Yes! And I just gave you some more likes 🙂 I like the post about the picture you took and you see your husbands eye lol! Did not see him at first!
        Have a great day yourself and keep up with the great writing!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I would’ve had no idea he was in the picture if he hadn’t asked to look at it afterwards. It would be even more creepy if it wasn’t my husband. Eeek. Thank You for the likes!


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