Daily Inspiration

Today, I feel I owe an explanation to my quote here. Colorado Sunset
Last night I stayed up late, writing out how The MomHood began. It really got me thinking about how my life has changed leading up to the start of my blog. As I sat thinking and writing, these words flowed out.
The obstacles I have faced throughout the past few years has given me a better view of how I want my life to turn out for the future. This blog, tho not very in depth…yet, has giving me a new drive, a new motivation to overcome those obstacles, share my stories with you and become a better person each and everyday, for myself, my family and my friends.
Every journey that begins, there are set backs, forks in the road and things that make us want to give up. But isn’t that the definition of a journey.Traveling to the unknown, finding stepping stones along the way, and ending up where you most want to be? Despite how long it took to get there.
That’s what I am doing. I’m treating this blog as my personal journey through life. Like many other blogs out there, this may seem like a “I’ve seen it already” type of thing. But its not. Every journey is different. Every story is different and every ending is different.  My hope is that you stick around, so I can share mine with you!

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