A Mess is a Mess is a Mess

“Sweeping Motions.”

I can honestly say, all my electronic devices are cleaner than my actual desk itself. If you were to look inside my computer or tablet, you would find all my photos organized into folders. Emails are cleaned up and spam folders are all trashed, often. My security does a sweep every morning at 3am so any viruses or threats to my devices are kept at bay. My desk? It’s a mess.

I am not a fan of clutter. AT ALL. And the majority of my house is clutter free (don’t get me started on our basement..whole ‘nother story) The upper level including kitchen, living room and bedrooms for the most part stay clutter free (I try not to be O.C.D about it, but sometimes with a busy family, the clutter can get bad, and I have one of those days) And then there is my office. You would think, me being a “clean freak” would have the cleanest room in the house. Well you were wrong. It is the messiest. But also one of the most used rooms in the house.

In the morning, I can see the desk top. And I mean, I can see the grains in the wood. By lunchtime, I have papers and pens, kids drawings, notebooks and whatever else you can find, littering my workspace. I sit back and wonder, how did all of this make it my desk, in a matter of a few hours. It drives me crazy.

Here is a sneak peek to what it looks like, now. And after this post is published, I am going to clean it ALL up. (now that I have talked about it, Its driving me crazy) And if I play my cards right, I’ll talk The Spouse into building me my official office/craft room! Update on that later!


Yes that is Netflix, yelling at me that my playback timed out..better get on that too!


5 Replies to “A Mess is a Mess is a Mess”

  1. I’m with you on this! My kitchen, bedroom and other areas are fairly pretty clean but my desk. It’s usually covered with papers and letters and.. other things that shouldn’t be there: towel? Makeup?
    I’m going to clean my desk tomorrow!

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