Nothing Beats A Good Ol’ Trip to The Sticks

This was my 6th trip to the White River National Forest. It began with a trip to do some Elk hunting in 1957 and soon after became “The Spot” to go camping. 58 years of tradition. Still going strong.DSC02303

This year, like any other year, started off with days of preparation. Checking off items on the checklists. Double checking our load and packing more than we need. This year was slightly different because we had our new camper. Something most people wouldn’t take to where we go, but we had it fabricated for that very reason. We spoiled ourselves this year.

We left for our adventure late Friday night. Good idea if you want to be the only one on the road. Bad idea when you have been awake for the entire day, hauling a huge trailer and fueling the night with coffee and Redbull. A trip that should’ve taken at most 6 hours, took us 12. With two stops for resting our eyes and one stop for gas, we finally made it to our exit.

The view from halfway up the mountain. Looking down on Interstate 70
The view from halfway up the mountain. Looking down on Interstate 70

We made it to the dreadful switchbacks and single lane dirt roads. One side is the epic mountain towering over you, the other side is a cliff with a drop straight down. Going only 10 MPH, we slowly gained altitude.Climbing to the top of the mountain.The air is thin but crisp and cool. Chipmunks scurry across the road to hide away from us. The trees are barren and the grass, flows like water in the breeze.

Our daughter named this tree Silver because of the way it looked in the sun.
Our daughter named this tree Silver because of the way it looked in the sun.

Deep Lake Campground and Day Camp was our last stop before our final destination. Down by the boat ramp is a picnic area with a clubhouse.

The clubhouse at Deep Lake Campground
The clubhouse at Deep Lake Campground

Hundreds of initials, names and dates decorate the walls, some dating back to the 50’s. Stretching our legs, walking the dog and admiring the scenery, we take one last breath before pulling our dead tired bodies back into the truck. We head out on the final 8 miles of our journey.

Mossy Pond

Passing moss covered beaver dams, massive aspen groves and valleys of tall grass and wildflowers, the scene is breathtaking. The ride, not so much. The road isn’t drivable without 4 wheel drive. Its bumpy, its slow and its annoying. But the end result is well worth it.

South Fork Meadows. The end of the road. Literally! Aside from the way you came in, the only way out is by horseback or backpack.South Fork Meadows Nestled in the trees is a little place called Budges Resort. And when you hear the word resort it is nothing like swimming pools and massage parlors. Its a camp for hunters and people who want to go downstream on horseback. No electricity. No running water. The great outdoors.

BudgesWe finally arrived around noon on Saturday. Most campsites were already taken by tent goers and fly fisherman. We got a spot far down in the trees, shaded from the sun and protected from the winds. A perfect spot. We leveled the trailer. Set it up enough to sleep and The Spouse fell asleep hard. Of course Mini Me managed to sleep most of the drive so she was amped up and ready to go.

Black Butterfly

We walked around and explored the nearby areas, taking the dog to the streams, and gawking at the beautiful flowers that were spread all over the valley. The Mini Me, already covered in dirt. Hair a mess. The Dog splashing around in the river, scaring all the fish away. We were ready for this trip to officially begin.

The Dog
Mini Me

A Good Ol’ Colorado Sunset

In the first few days we hit some snags. Our go cart that The Spouse had been working on all summer, broke down. The carburetor got clogged up and the air filter wasn’t filtering enough of the dust out form the engine. So, our little toy sat, feeling neglected. Our second day the rains decided to come, and it rained for an entire day. My father in law showed up mid afternoon that following Monday and Wednesday my sister in law and her husband showed up. We had the full gang.

Bonfires, marshmallows, cocktails and good food. We were relaxing. It was about time. We have had an eventful year with becoming business owners. Me starting this blog, Mini Me’s epic finish to her first year in school and being super busy around our house. We deserved this vacation. And we were going to soak in every minute of it.

The Trio
The Spouse, The Mini Me, and The Dog

The Mini Me and The Spouse went for a little fishing adventure and The Mini Me manged to catch a 10in. fish, which later the dog tried to sneak from its spot in the stream. We played red neck golf, went a dozen hikes, teased some Yellow Bellied Marmots that squealed at us as we passed by, played board games, light saber flashlights, and naps. A lot of really good naps.

Mini Me and Spouse
Our go Cart, while it was still working.

We spent 9 nights and 10 days in the mountains. Far from any civilization. No WiFi hookups, no cell phone service for miles, no showers and a 5 gallon bucket to pee in. To us, we were living it up. We look forward to this trip every year, and it gets better each time.

It took us half the morning to pack up and get our load ready for the haul home. We left at 1pm and showed up in our driveway at about 9 that night.  A trip we needed and got. Now its down to business with launching our website for our home based business, Mini Me starting her second year in school, harvest time in the garden and prepping for the winter in and around the house. And for the next 12 months, we’ll be dreaming and planning our next visit to The White River.



2 Replies to “Nothing Beats A Good Ol’ Trip to The Sticks”

  1. Enjoyed your entry a lot. I hope to do a similar trip one day:) Loved how you describe them as The Spouse and Mini Me.I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    The piece is missing something though I just can’t pin point it. Maybe an anecdote or two. For instance, I loved the description under the photograph where your daughter named the tree Silver because of the way it looked under the sun. That small sentence shows the reader you daughter’s personality and yours as well for remembering it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You for reading my piece. I feel that something is missing too, and I can’t put my finger on it. But I was sure excited to share the trip with you! Everyday gets better and better for writing!


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