A Billion Dollars. A Billion Ways.

 “You’re a Winner!.”

Words most of us desperately want to hear.
Everyone asks themselves, at least once in their lifetime, “What would I do, with a whole boat load of cash?” I know I have asked myself that question at least a billion times. Something I do day dream about, often. Money. It’s on all of our minds. Shit, finding 50¢ in the washing machine is like winning the lottery for me.
So, what would I do with a billion dollars? First and foremost. Debt. Any and all debt that I or The Spouse owe. Credit cards, loans, mortgage and car payments. Secondly, school would be taken care of until Graduation day from college for ALL the kids in my life. Nieces, nephews and future nieces and nephews and Grand kids. (A billion dollars can go a long way if you spend it…wisely) Third but certainly not the last. The house would go up on the market and we would move to where we plan on staying til’ death parts us, we would get rid of EVERYTHING we own now and downsize, the cars would probably get sold and upgraded, we would spring for a small but comfortable RV and do some vacationing, adopt/rescue another dog and cat, and maybe spend a little more time relaxing rather than working. Of course there would be the selected Charities we would be a part of and donate generously to. Invest where its right to invest. And give where its right to give. And possibly try to take over the world. (muu-ah ha ha ha)
Sounds familiar, huh? Its the most generic thing anyone would say when it comes to spending a billion dollars. House, cars, charities yada yada.  I guess when you have a billion dollars. You can spend it in a billion ways.

You’re a Winner!

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