Megans Crock-Pot Pulled Pork

FB-50-03_fullThis is truly the simplest recipe to make, especially when you have a busy family just like ours!


1 Pork Loin, fat trimmed

1-2 Cups BBQ sauce (your flavor)

Up to 1/2 Cup water


Place Loin directly in Crock-Pot.

Add desired amount of water to cover bottom of Pot

Add any desired spices fresh or dried

Cook for 6 hours on Med. Heat

When loin is tender and juicy, pull apart with 2 forks. (Should be really easy)

Add desired amount of BBQ sauce and simmer another 1-2 hours to let the BBQ flavors mingle. Checking it a few times to pull apart more or add more sauce. Enjoy!

In the past I have added fresh garlic and onion, on top of the cooking loin and than mixed in when I was pulling it apart. I have also used specialty BBQ sauces to add some zazz to the flavor. You can add whatever you want to this already easy dish, to make it your own!


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